Your comprehensive Moving Check-List

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Being attentive right from the day we went live in July 2015, we learnt there
is a lot to be done and remembered while relocating, so we have compiled a
comprehensive Moving Checklist to assist you at every step 2 months prior to
your proposed move. This comprehensive Check-List will take you through the
entire moving process from start to finish, we thought best based upon our
rich experience over this period.


Avoid costly moving mistakes with the help of our moving Check-List. For
additional help during your proposed move, look no further. Team
shows people how to significantly reduce moving costs by providing them with
a unique online survey which calculates the right cost for the given volume.
You pay only for the space your inventory occupies in the truck.


8 weeks before the move                                                                                                                              Remarks

If you are living on rent, notify your landlord of your tentative move date
Search for an appropriate home in your new city of move
Arrange School, pre-school, Day-care transfers

4 weeks before the move                                                                                                                               Remarks

Confirm the date of your actual move
Notify the relevant utility companies ie Power, Telecom, TV, Internet, Gas of your departure from the current city

Start getting rid of possessions you no longer need. Decide which items can be sold and which can be donated to a charity
If you need new furniture, order them now and arrange for delivery when you move in to your new home
Check for your vehicle insurance whether it includes transit insurance which
may save you some spend for buying additional insurance
Talk to several moving companies and obtain quotes. Get references and do
check the limits of their insurance
In case you are not using professional moving company, you may start talking to individual truck owner/operator

2 weeks before the move                                                                                                                             Remarks

Start packing non-essential items such as books and non-seasonal clothes into boxes
Notify your milkman and newspaper delivery that you’ll be moving and give
them the date you would want the service to stop
Notify the bank of your change of address and if possible open up a
bank account in the new city of move
Notify Electoral office of your new address
Plan to carry yourself important legal documents and jewellery
Schedule any necessary repairs required in your new home
If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to look after them on the move date
Make a note of any precious or fragile items that require special care to move.
Remember to sort through your Car, Bike and storage area
Prepare a SURVIVAL KIT with kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast requirements,
children’s needs, pet requirements. bathroom necessities, medication, spare
light bulbs and tools
Finalize arrangements with your moving company. Confirm arrival times and
make sure your Packers and Movers have directions to your new address

1 weeks before the move                                                                                                                             Remarks

Arrange for new bank account, Gas, telephone and internet connections
Arrange for day off from work on the moving day
Ensure new home will be thoroughly cleaned before you move in
Disassemble outdoor items like drying equipment, Air conditioners and coolers
Create a handy kit with hammer, allen keys, screwdriver, nails and wall hooks
Set aside bed linen, towels to be used on the first day so beds can be made
up quickly on your arrival
Ensure all meters read and new house key collection organized
Draw up a plan of each room in your new home with furniture placement for the
moving company’s supervisor. Saves your time and energy.
Coordinate for the timing with the moving company for removals
Arrange for access and parking for the moving truck at your new premises

1 Day before the move                                                                                                                                  Remarks

Defrost and empty out your refrigerator
Pack your personal belongings to take with you
Unplug and tie-up appliances cords
Necessary cash-in-hand
Bid good-bye to your old neighbors, friends and colleagues
Prepare an action plan for the moving day
Confirm the timing with the moving company for arrival the next day
Ensure all utilities in your new home are connected

Moving Day                                                                                                                                                  Remarks

Place the SURVIVAL KIT you prepared next to you
Guide the movers with the action plan for removals. Its important to ask them
to load kitchen boxes last so they are first off the truck
Check all items as they go into the moving truck
Lock all doors and windows and turn off the geysers
Check the balcony area, tops of cupboards and open up drawers
Return al keys to the house owner or the representative before moving

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  229. I understand and wrote a similar post once myself. I'm sure it is tough with anyone's last child, but I felt like it was probably especially tough with an only child. As unimaginable as this was to me before it happened, there did reach a point where my joy in the moment started to outpace my grieving for the last stage. It was around 1 year old, and continues about a year later. I still struggle with the passing of time and phases, but it is not quite as heart-wrenching now. Hugs.

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