6 Tips for Moving with Pets

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A dog sits in its crate near stuff toy pigs at an airport in California.
A dog sits in its crate near stuff toy pigs at an airport in California.

Choosing a relocating service for your pets is not just a matter of terms and conditions, it is more about confidence and trust. When you are relocating a pet, you are not supposed to choose just a service, you must hire a like minded operator to take care of your pet.

Moving to a new home is often exciting but can also be stressful for you. And not to forget our pets can be affected too. Pets can get nervous and anxious during the moving period. This easy guide from  MakingMove.com can help you ensure that bringing you loving pet along is less stressful for everyone.

1. Manage their stress exposure: Studies show that pets can easily be stressed out during moves. MakingMove.com suggests keeping them secluded from chaos that can spring up on moving day. You may keep them in a seperate and familiar room or even ask a friend or a family member to keep a watch on them while items are being moved around. If you are keeping your pet in the house while movers are present, make sure they are in a room that has already been cleared.

2. Pet medicine and First aid kit: When preparing a first aid kit for the family, include that of the pet and ensure to leave the medication box outside of moving boxes, as they could be needed in case of an emergency. If your pet is on medication, ensure to get them filled before relocating.

3. Veterinary Referral: Pet owners should ask for a referral for their new location from their former veterinary clinic, while talking to other pet owners in your new city can also be helpful. Selecting a new vet is important due to the requirement of regular vaccination dosage for your pet, so be sure they are convenient and that facilities are kept up.

4. Pet Transport: Have you pet acclimatise to the travel crate prior to move. Having your pet get used to the travel crate in advance of the move can assist them in being comfortable on the moving day.  MakingMove.com recommends creating a positive environment around the pets travel crate. Activities like feeding, having toys around the crate maybe helpful to create positive experience.

5. Prepare your new home: Pets love familiar surroundings so ensure to carry all familiar and necessary things your pet will need from day one in the new surroundings. Pets that are excellent over voice control can also be easily distracted in a new environment. Therefore, ensure that your pet is properly leashed when not in the house until they become comfortable with their new surroundings, which generally is faster than normal.

6. Process during Move-in: It would however be ideal to have your pet belongings moved in before your pet arrives, but isn’t always realistic. If this is not possible in your case, follow the same procedures employed during move-out. Place your pet in a safe, quiet place so that it cannot escape. Containing your pet in a pet carrier on moving day will keep them safely confined as well. But again, make sure to maintain their regular feeding, walking and potty break schedule.

Our team will listen to your needs to provide a smooth and seamless process from start fo finish. With the comfort and care of your pet as a VIP, we can tailor-make your pet transport needs to suit your budget by our verified Packers and Movers.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company on MakingMove.com

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Moving can be an extremely tiresome experience for most. Moving is generally a stressful time as there is a lot be done such as packing the household stuff, loading it and unloading it to later rearranging the stuff in the new house. If you are planning a move to a new location then hiring a professional moving company can prove to be highly beneficial.

Several undeniable facts prove that hiring an experienced and a professional moving service is your most beneficial option when moving across country:

Safety: Professional movers are well trained to use the most appropriate moving techniques so that your household stuff is properly packed, safely shipped and delivered on-time to your new home completely intact.

Efficiency: While optimization of the truck capacity is paramount, moving crew from the professional movers also work with admirable speed to properly pack, adequately wrap and neatly load your household items. such practices save both time and space for your all important move.

Know-how: Professional movers most certainly have the ability to execute the job well done, both illustrative and literally. They know how to properly handle heavy and bulky furniture and sensitive electronics in order to safely transfer them to the moving truck. Besides, the professional movers know the safest and the shortest routes to the final destination and are also familiar to the peculiarities of the locality which allows them to avoid traffic and parking problems.

MakingMove.com provides you the technology platform that has put in a great amount of research for aggregating Packers and Movers and Car Transport Services in India that go through a stringent verification process for featuring in its list. With substantial aggregating experience behind us, intricate relocation expertise and comprehensive know-how for across the street, across the state and across the country, we recognize what it takes to strategize and execute a flawless move.

Our Services include:

* National, With-in state, Local and International moving services
* Comprehensive packing and unpacking services
* Extensive and careful packing of fragile items such as glass and antiques
* Loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings
* Car and bike moving services

We have carefully built a proficient team of highly skilled individualy, who grab every chance to offer professional service by giving appropriate suggestions towards a safe and secure move. Our team is trained to give you an effective advice to help you choose an experienced moving company that cooperates with you throughout the moving process and moreover lowers down any kind of risk to your valuables.

Should you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact our customer service team at 1800 3010 1595.