Online itemized survey Accuracy

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A lot of our new users become apprehensive once they find out that the survey for moving their household goods is done online on And with a fairly valid reason at that – The Accuracy.

Being One-of-its-kind Website offering a unique Online survey tool for shipping your household goods with a committed accuracy of 95%, it still remains doubtful since we are so used to the conventional methods of having our stuff physically surveyed for obtaining the quotes, little knowing the fact that the physical survey is often a half-hearted approach by the moving company representative. The human error creeps in due to weariness whenever a person is required to perform a repetitive task. This often leads to a wrong interpretation of the final quote and according to our research report, people always end up paying over and above the quoted final price for their move citing various unfounded reasons from weight to volume to some unscrupulous road taxes.

In this era of exceptionally superior technology, when specialist doctors are able to diagnose their patients over Videoconferencing, measuring articles online according to their cubic feet length is a far more easier task as most of the items come in standard measurement. The results of the online survey of your household stuff are ready to be analysed anytime with the unique SAVE option in our online tool which allows you to visit your saved data at any given time before you proceed with that all important moving order.

So what does this tool do?

Flexible Look and Feel: A survey that proves adherence only to the manual methods of a moving company rather than your actual goods to be measured, can be off-putting to the components and decrease the chances of providing accurate quotes. A tool that allows you to update the measurement of each of your articles by various colors and graphics can genuinely help you generate the accurate volume.

Methodical: The specific order of a set of household goods can often reflect in a robust data of your survey. Features that automatically randomize the order of you survey post submission will help contain the accuracy.

Website Integration: While manual surveys create their own physical paper file, the life of which remains doubtful, our online tool lets you save your data and embed them into This can be particularly useful for a quick call-to-mind for your future moves where you may just need to alter your survey according to your current holding.

More Honest: Majority of the users provide correct and more detailed information in an online survey. Because the participants feel safe in the anonymous environment of the Internet, they open up and give a more accurate response leading to accurate generation of quotes.

More Selective: With the online moving survey, you can pre-screen multiple quotes by way of volume generated through our online tool. This way of working allows you to compare quotes, select the best Packers and Movers and Car Transport service and save precious time and money.

With a little care, you can choose a moving package that is the right fit. Start by thinking about your needs. You may select a moving company based on economical pricing or its reputation or maybe a reference. Whichever type of package makes sense for you, our tool ensures you avail the maximum benefit.

Moving House in Rains

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Checking out the weather forecast for your upcoming move during monsoons is ideal since the Metservice provides almost accurate information on rain levels whether moderate or torrential. You are also able to check out on the weather 10 days in advance.

However, whether it is raining or sunny, ensure that you have used quality carton boxes since poor quality boxes can crush under the weight of other
boxes stacked on top or crumple with the drops of rain water.

The choice of truck is paramount in this case. Trucks come in various typesand sizes. Open truck and the closed body container truck. Open trucks usually cover the goods with the tarpaulin sheets to protect them from water and dust. While such truck owners may try to convince you for foolproof protection, water normally seeps inside through the gaps and uneven openings. The closed body container truck is the ideal choice for your move during monsoons. Although a tad expensive, they offer optimum protection for your prized household stuff.

Protect your belongings by sealing all boxes with reinforced tape. Simply folding the top flaps of the boxes is just not enough to guard against rain water. The best option would be to hire movers who maintain standards by inventing in durable plastic boxes. These are rigid and water resistant which help you to keep your belongings secure and dry. The two most vulnerable items when moving in rains are electrical appliances and wooden furniture. The smallest amount of moisture may render most electrical appliances useless and distort expensive pieces of wooden furniture. Use quality foam and bubble sheets to wrap the fragile items in your inventory. Say no to cheap plastic sheeting. You may also consider using old carpets, blankets and towels to provide that extra protection to prevent water from seepage in case of heavy rains.

During a move in the monsoons, chances of something being dropped or crashed is very high and as mentioned above, damage by water seepage is highly possible. Like all insurance covers, for your goods in transit during rains it is essential you get a policy that suits your precise circumstances. You should look for a quote that is tailored to your current requirement. It can be expensive but putting a good package together could save you a fortune in the long run.

Schedules can be delayed due to heavy rains. It is always better for the truck to be stranded or move slow to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Moving house in the rains does not have to be a nightmare as long as you prepare for well for a smooth experience. Experienced Packers and Movers and Car Transportation Services will know exactly what is required and should help you at every step. If you are looking to move in the near future, make sure you visit to find the best Moving companies in your city.

Introducing “You Pack, We Move” – Save Big

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Its not just moving, its an experience with us. Adding unparalleled value by the day. offers the convenience of full and part moving service providing full value to your truck hire. We pack, we move or You pack, we move. We can help for whatever you are shipping. While we recommend partial moving service for moves within city, we can also provide moving trucks for your long distance move for anything from a few carton boxes to your full home. Our part moving truck service for moves within the city is simple and inexpensive when compared to full service moves that includes packing by the moving company.

While many customers opt for a full service move that includes packing and moving, the price at which they require full service often takes them to multiple vendors for quote comparison, consequently wasting a lot of time, we call “Dead time”.

We at not only have managed to bring that “Dead time” down substantially by offering multiple full service quotes from reputed moving companies, we are also proud to have introduced the part moving service where you are required to pack your household stuff yourself and we provide the moving trucks of all sizes with loading and unloading service at the best cost available.

If you have a price from the competitor or a truck owner that is ready to provide the same service at a lesser cost, we are generally able to match or beat it. We are very competitively priced in most markets so you won’t have to run around the marketplace in search of a lower quote. Having said that, we cannot price match in every area due to impoverished competition by a few truck owners who would be prepared to offer ridiculous quotes due to their idleness offering poor service.

Start packing your home well in advance of the move in case you are opting for our part moving services. You can simply rely on us when selecting the packing material for your goods. You can buy the best quality packaging material like carton boxes, foam sheets and bubble wraps at the best prices. Use only stable boxes with multiple layers to avoid breakage and damage that results from thin and unstable boxes.

While hiring a full service moving company has many positive aspects that you can enjoy, the “Pack it Yourself” move gives you more freedom. The freedom of choice and the freedom of cost. But how would you judge whether to hire movers for full service or part service. Before you wonder how and when to take a decision, it should rather be as soon as possible since it is never too early to begin a relocation preparation. We advise you to ponder on these points before you arrive at a “Pack it Yourself” decision;

1. How much stuff are you moving?
2. What is the distance of your move?
3. Is your move difficult?
4. Do you have the required skills and material for packing it yourself?
5. How much time will it take to Pack it yourself?
And finally
6. What is the price difference?

If you want to pick a “Pack it Yourself” option, you must be sure you have the required skills to pack everything according to your plan. But definitely, the option of taking a full service move from the reputed Packers and Movers and Car Transport Company can spare a lot of effort and time on your side. In any case, we would be happy to hear from you to provide the best of both options.

Cheap Service Offerings – A Bane Always

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While we draw solace in availing cheaper services than what is offered by leading customer service oriented brands, the output quality is generally inferior beating your expectations by miles. Companies offering cheaper products and services tend to give you an exaggerated picture over what can be the ground reality.

The most conventional and common practice today is “Do it yourself” and this is basically for the perceived notion of full control over transportation process. We have seen a lot of individuals/families follow this concept. They search for the Packers and Movers and book the transport service directly to take control of the entire activity. Over this option, you need to make your own order follow up, need to check with the transporters yourself to receive the information crucial for you and if a problem occurs, you are the one dealing with the unruly transporters for resolution. And your time is most valuable which you cannot save when you work directly with the transporters.

Companies that offer bulk discounts and accept requests for compromise on quality for total fee reduction, may not land you the lowest prices. Your
ignorant attitude towards poor quality could eventually make you pay double the cost for the same service bought. Given the advancement in technology, the best prices often come today from Internet services like, that will do all the haggling for you.

Choosing the best shipping option is totally determined by your unique circumstance, as for most individuals, cost can’t be the only consideration
but usually it is a primary and determining factor. Different logistics methods like part or full truck load can make a vast difference both in transit time and freight charges. Therefore we always need to determine which method will be the most cost effective one, rather than compromising on quality by choosing a poor service.

So what happens when you work with an aggregation service like for your transportation needs which has verified the transport companies for your convenience? As a decision maker, you may already be at a point where the options you need to pick mixed with your goals are desirably authentic. Therefore the more information and experience you gain, the easier these decisions become.We give the right suggestions considering the above two issues and get you rapid answers before any movement.

In an exclusive website presented by us, we first uncovered the irrational gaps deep-rooted in the industry, and then automated the transportation process through advanced technology tools which fill the gaps in your shipment assignment processes and optimize your transportation needs through the most optimum network we built at best rates. The advantage you gain is speed since you receive your answers online almost instantly instead of using telephone of having to walk into the transporter’s office. The flexibility it provides you gives you a distinct advantage to select the transporter of your choice among the list of aggregated operators, while the transporter learns about your moving prospect only upon the confirmation of your online order.

Traditional methods rely on the attentiveness of transporter to enter all details correctly, and naturally human error can creep in whenever a person has to perform a repetitive task, often leading to wrong interpretation of final quote. Given the accuracy of our online tool, there is a smaller margin of error because users themselves feed the information directly into the system, which automatically generates the total volume to be shipped providing you the most honest quote for your specific transportation and thus providing a Win-Win situation to both the User and the Transporter.