How to Choose the right Moving Company

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Packers and Movers and Car Transport Services who simply quote going by the size of your house 1BHK, 2BHK and so on are a definite Red Flag. Check for their websites to ensure they have a physical address in your city. Having no address or just a street name and phone number could be an indicator the business is not legitimate.

Look for a valid registration number issued by the competent authority and a valid Service Tax registration. All moving companies should have an active operating authority with an adequate infrastructure.

Also, check moving companies websites if they are members of prominent organizations like;

ISO 9001 – Quality: ISO 9001 quality accreditation outlines the responsibilities to the employees and build accountability into processes for day-to-day operations.

ISO 27001 – Information Security and Data Protection: Quality accreditation for the privacy of customers and the protection of their personal data.

IAM: International Association of Movers -The moving and forwarding industry’s largest global trade association, is a union comprised of auditing, forwarding, moving, and shipping companies located in over 160 countries.

FIDI: FIDI is Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (International Federation of International Movers). Established in 1950, headquartered in Brussels, FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies.

When companies are members of these organizations, it is always an indicator they are committed to providing quality customer care. Rogue moving companies and other fly-by-night carriers pose a real threat and unfortunately the rise in internet has made is much easier for such scams to thrive.

In India, moving business is mostly seasonal since most moves happen during March to August when all major organizations promote and officially transfer their employees. It is during this period that these rogue fly-by-night operators set up their Single Desk shop, often multiple operators working under a single shutter roof. They typically advertise on Online media and trap the gullible.

However, all moving companies may not be registered with these organizations which again may not mean they are fraud. So how would you identify such movers? You can trust , a proud pioneer of Online Logistics solutions for Business to Customer aggregating trusted moving companies in India adequately certified by the competent local authorities.

1. The start: Word of mouth can be a great asset in selecting the right moving company. You may ask your friends and your housing societies if they have had positive experiences with any of the moving companies. Or simply go to to find your trusted mover.

2. Obtaining Quotes: Conventionally, a representative will want to visit your home for a survey to provide you an estimate cost of move. Ensure you get at least 5 such visits to gather enough confidence on the estimated cost.

Beware of quotes given over the phone. The way you describe your articles and the way a moving company may perceive may differ, leading to substantial changes on rates. Since there are no fixed rack rates, the quotes unfortunately are provided in weight assumptions, which may increase according to the whims and fancies of the moving companies once you would have made the initial payment.

3. Importance of Timing: Make your moving arrangements well in advance. Ideally a month before the actual moving date. March to July is known as the “Peak Season” since this is when the most of the official transfers happen and the new academic year begins. Your advance arrangements with a moving company become all the more important should your move fall during this period. And unfortunately most of the customers fall victim to the rogue movers during this time of the year.

4. Evaluating multiple movers’ quotes: Give a thought to the commitment levels of the surveyor. Try to get their confidence that he will be there to help you through your planning, and proper packing and loading. You can also identify their commitment levels when they present to you with their comprehensive brochure. Moving companies that ask for advance payment during the quotation leave a bitter experience at your door and are a strict negative.

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