Your comprehensive Moving Check-List

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Being attentive right from the day we went live in July 2015, we learnt there
is a lot to be done and remembered while relocating, so we have compiled a
comprehensive Moving Checklist to assist you at every step 2 months prior to
your proposed move. This comprehensive Check-List will take you through the
entire moving process from start to finish, we thought best based upon our
rich experience over this period.


Avoid costly moving mistakes with the help of our moving Check-List. For
additional help during your proposed move, look no further. Team
shows people how to significantly reduce moving costs by providing them with
a unique online survey which calculates the right cost for the given volume.
You pay only for the space your inventory occupies in the truck.


8 weeks before the move                                                                                                                              Remarks

If you are living on rent, notify your landlord of your tentative move date
Search for an appropriate home in your new city of move
Arrange School, pre-school, Day-care transfers

4 weeks before the move                                                                                                                               Remarks

Confirm the date of your actual move
Notify the relevant utility companies ie Power, Telecom, TV, Internet, Gas of your departure from the current city

Start getting rid of possessions you no longer need. Decide which items can be sold and which can be donated to a charity
If you need new furniture, order them now and arrange for delivery when you move in to your new home
Check for your vehicle insurance whether it includes transit insurance which
may save you some spend for buying additional insurance
Talk to several moving companies and obtain quotes. Get references and do
check the limits of their insurance
In case you are not using professional moving company, you may start talking to individual truck owner/operator

2 weeks before the move                                                                                                                             Remarks

Start packing non-essential items such as books and non-seasonal clothes into boxes
Notify your milkman and newspaper delivery that you’ll be moving and give
them the date you would want the service to stop
Notify the bank of your change of address and if possible open up a
bank account in the new city of move
Notify Electoral office of your new address
Plan to carry yourself important legal documents and jewellery
Schedule any necessary repairs required in your new home
If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to look after them on the move date
Make a note of any precious or fragile items that require special care to move.
Remember to sort through your Car, Bike and storage area
Prepare a SURVIVAL KIT with kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast requirements,
children’s needs, pet requirements. bathroom necessities, medication, spare
light bulbs and tools
Finalize arrangements with your moving company. Confirm arrival times and
make sure your Packers and Movers have directions to your new address

1 weeks before the move                                                                                                                             Remarks

Arrange for new bank account, Gas, telephone and internet connections
Arrange for day off from work on the moving day
Ensure new home will be thoroughly cleaned before you move in
Disassemble outdoor items like drying equipment, Air conditioners and coolers
Create a handy kit with hammer, allen keys, screwdriver, nails and wall hooks
Set aside bed linen, towels to be used on the first day so beds can be made
up quickly on your arrival
Ensure all meters read and new house key collection organized
Draw up a plan of each room in your new home with furniture placement for the
moving company’s supervisor. Saves your time and energy.
Coordinate for the timing with the moving company for removals
Arrange for access and parking for the moving truck at your new premises

1 Day before the move                                                                                                                                  Remarks

Defrost and empty out your refrigerator
Pack your personal belongings to take with you
Unplug and tie-up appliances cords
Necessary cash-in-hand
Bid good-bye to your old neighbors, friends and colleagues
Prepare an action plan for the moving day
Confirm the timing with the moving company for arrival the next day
Ensure all utilities in your new home are connected

Moving Day                                                                                                                                                  Remarks

Place the SURVIVAL KIT you prepared next to you
Guide the movers with the action plan for removals. Its important to ask them
to load kitchen boxes last so they are first off the truck
Check all items as they go into the moving truck
Lock all doors and windows and turn off the geysers
Check the balcony area, tops of cupboards and open up drawers
Return al keys to the house owner or the representative before moving

Guide to handy relocation ideas

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These points cover all the significant and reliable moving ideas that has learnt over a period of time dealing with both its Users and the Operators. As moving time approaches fast, it is only when you realize that you simply cant put off this move anymore and MUST move. Then comes a lot of pondering to build upon the existing anxiety.
– How will I pack those breakables and fragile household treasure?
– Do I have adequate cardboard boxes to pack my stuff? How many do I order with the Moving company?
– Which Moving company do I hire?
– What is going to be their moving quote?

Therefore, ponder ahead and decrease the chances of going wrong on the removal day. Make certain you’ve hired an expert Packers and Movers and Car Shifting service well in advance to the proposed move day. You may not want to ignore everything for the day prior to your relocation. Run a check at what you don’t actually need to pack, what’s required for careful loading and what is the value you would like to declare for insurance cover.

Try to take some time off to conduct an examination of your household stuff for a possible house clearance. You may like to dispose off the inessentials like old furniture, utensils or clothes. Will help you think in advance to utilize the profits of your sold objects towards some possible decorations in your new house of move or maybe cover your transportation cost. Or you may even want to make a box for charitable needs.

Dedicate some time to plan on how you are going to pack up your possessions. Books are straightforward but weigh much, your valuable items require sensible wrapping and may consume enough time and some of your furniture which requires to be disassembled.

Figure out much ahead in time how many packing boxes you will require and have this communicated to the moving company since each addition of box may change the moving quote. The regular dimensions of a cardboard box is 2″x2″x2″. Also contemplate what else can likely be helpful like bubble wraps, foam padding, old newspapers and required nuts and bolts for carriers. Boxes made with corrugated cardboard are better than the normal ones. Pull out all hazardous material such as paint, bleach and repellents and plan them accordingly into different boxes and store them away from the remaining stuff.Your advance communication to the moving company will help you loads in saving time and energy.

Start out early on the removal day. Packing usually takes longer than anticipated, particularly when you do not plan the packing ahead and run about chasing your wall pictures or your wardrobes for special clothing. Always start at the top within the house or at extreme end if it is single floor and continue either downwards or forwards.

Typically pack the heavier stuff first like refrigerator, washing machine, sofa etc. It will make the loading much easier for the other stuff in boxes. Pack a single area at one time, for eg. the bedroom, and distinctly label every carton with specifications on the content along with the room that it belongs. Clearly tag all boxes that carry fragile items and keep all boxes designed for each area in a formation known to you. This should save you considerable time unpacking.

Finally, store valuables like jewelry, legal files, important documents and place them in a secured area on the removal day or put them in a safe custody which can be released post relocation.

The thrill of pioneering online logistics solutions

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We, at, inspired by the optimism of the internet era, proudly take credit for being the pioneers in developing end-to-end online logistics solution, right from the survey of your goods to be shipped to the quote generation and payment facilitation to the final delivery.

In one sense, pioneering online logistics solution has become our key characteristic here at But it soon would become apparent, through the other cloned websites, that this comfortable approach to transportation, is a part of an ambition of the users as a whole. The basic idea of is to shorten the gestation period from contacting a logistics company to the actual date of move. We have brought down this entire exercise to a bare 20 minutes from a possible 1 week over a conventional method. It caught everybody off guard initially, doubting the accuracy of our software. But slowly it narrowed down to our users acceptance levels when our accuracy was found to be at 95% and the pricing on our algorithm at clearly 10% lesser when compared to what is offered by the same logistics companies over a conventional method.

Being a pioneer is cool, but behaving one is difficult. When we went live in July 2015, the need for guidance was profound, although we learnt as we burnt our fingers paying the price to develop 75% automation in an otherwise unorganized industry. The balance 25% is what we claim as physical deliveries. also strives to give logistics companies, the Packers and Movers and the Car Transporters everything they need to gain competitive advantage through the power of automated solution with high impact sustained content delivered to audiences in a uniquely intuitive way, thus providing them savings with respect to the time and cost consumed manually. Content is now grouped together in what we call as the pricing algorithm, which enables the users to generate the quote instantaneously by submitting their total volume being shipped. We’ve added a host of new capabilities by integrating the logistics company’s cost parameters to our algorithm. In addition, we offer support for a variety of payment options for our users which in turn helps in streamlining the payment method to the verified logistics companies impaneled with us.

“Being at the forefront of a new platform can be both thrilling and taxing, especially with a service that we perceived can change the face of logistics industry. As the founder of a company offering revolutionized service on internet, I’ve seen both benefit to the user and operator so also the potential pitfalls from those who are averse to adopting newer systems since we are working in an arena which is On-demand. And above everything else, it is basically a matter of improving upon what has come earlier” – Manish Datta.

At, efficiency is a primary subject for us. Our time and resources are completely utilized to find more ways to improve our services online. New technologies can make all the difference when it comes to generating efficiency which we are effectively incorporating. But speed shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. Therefore, we have placed checks and balances at every crucial step within the software, which validates a potentially wrong entry by the user. While we take pride for being a problem solver, we also credit our users for being extremely interactive with us and say “I wish you had this”. Today, the product we present to you in its entirety is built based on our user reviews. And we profoundly thank all our users who have helped us with their timely intervention towards our pursuit of improvement.