B2B Logistics Platform

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Businesses having Full Truck Load (FTL) requirement for goods transportation are often unchallenged to hire a transporter. However, the requirement by businesses to shift part load from A to B still dominates. And it is here that businesses find it difficult to employ a transporting company due to uninformed factors.

We at MakingMove offer you a multitude of different avenues for Commercial Transportation. With us you can keep up with new technologies best to garner relationships through our online transportation marketplace. B2B markets for transportation are in an ever-changing flux, but there are a number of affordable avenues you can take to remain competitive. A good price is an obvious and easy thing to measure and is no surprise that its is a strong metric for your decision making.

Just download our Android App from the Playstore, call us on our Tollfree for a free login password and enjoy the galaxy of transportation services powered by the one of best software platforms for logistics available. Your freight will move much more smoothly once you are plugged into us.

Salient features of our mobile App;

1.Stay abreast of emerging technologies through our B2B transportation market place

2. Use our mobile App as a consultant to navigate the logistics market place that suits your need

3. Utilize the competencies of verified and experienced freight handlers on platform.

Happy moving.

6 Tips for Moving with Pets

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A dog sits in its crate near stuff toy pigs at an airport in California.
A dog sits in its crate near stuff toy pigs at an airport in California.

Choosing a relocating service for your pets is not just a matter of terms and conditions, it is more about confidence and trust. When you are relocating a pet, you are not supposed to choose just a service, you must hire a like minded operator to take care of your pet.

Moving to a new home is often exciting but can also be stressful for you. And not to forget our pets can be affected too. Pets can get nervous and anxious during the moving period. This easy guide from  MakingMove.com can help you ensure that bringing you loving pet along is less stressful for everyone.

1. Manage their stress exposure: Studies show that pets can easily be stressed out during moves. MakingMove.com suggests keeping them secluded from chaos that can spring up on moving day. You may keep them in a seperate and familiar room or even ask a friend or a family member to keep a watch on them while items are being moved around. If you are keeping your pet in the house while movers are present, make sure they are in a room that has already been cleared.

2. Pet medicine and First aid kit: When preparing a first aid kit for the family, include that of the pet and ensure to leave the medication box outside of moving boxes, as they could be needed in case of an emergency. If your pet is on medication, ensure to get them filled before relocating.

3. Veterinary Referral: Pet owners should ask for a referral for their new location from their former veterinary clinic, while talking to other pet owners in your new city can also be helpful. Selecting a new vet is important due to the requirement of regular vaccination dosage for your pet, so be sure they are convenient and that facilities are kept up.

4. Pet Transport: Have you pet acclimatise to the travel crate prior to move. Having your pet get used to the travel crate in advance of the move can assist them in being comfortable on the moving day.  MakingMove.com recommends creating a positive environment around the pets travel crate. Activities like feeding, having toys around the crate maybe helpful to create positive experience.

5. Prepare your new home: Pets love familiar surroundings so ensure to carry all familiar and necessary things your pet will need from day one in the new surroundings. Pets that are excellent over voice control can also be easily distracted in a new environment. Therefore, ensure that your pet is properly leashed when not in the house until they become comfortable with their new surroundings, which generally is faster than normal.

6. Process during Move-in: It would however be ideal to have your pet belongings moved in before your pet arrives, but isn’t always realistic. If this is not possible in your case, follow the same procedures employed during move-out. Place your pet in a safe, quiet place so that it cannot escape. Containing your pet in a pet carrier on moving day will keep them safely confined as well. But again, make sure to maintain their regular feeding, walking and potty break schedule.

Our team will listen to your needs to provide a smooth and seamless process from start fo finish. With the comfort and care of your pet as a VIP, we can tailor-make your pet transport needs to suit your budget by our verified Packers and Movers.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company on MakingMove.com

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Moving can be an extremely tiresome experience for most. Moving is generally a stressful time as there is a lot be done such as packing the household stuff, loading it and unloading it to later rearranging the stuff in the new house. If you are planning a move to a new location then hiring a professional moving company can prove to be highly beneficial.

Several undeniable facts prove that hiring an experienced and a professional moving service is your most beneficial option when moving across country:

Safety: Professional movers are well trained to use the most appropriate moving techniques so that your household stuff is properly packed, safely shipped and delivered on-time to your new home completely intact.

Efficiency: While optimization of the truck capacity is paramount, moving crew from the professional movers also work with admirable speed to properly pack, adequately wrap and neatly load your household items. such practices save both time and space for your all important move.

Know-how: Professional movers most certainly have the ability to execute the job well done, both illustrative and literally. They know how to properly handle heavy and bulky furniture and sensitive electronics in order to safely transfer them to the moving truck. Besides, the professional movers know the safest and the shortest routes to the final destination and are also familiar to the peculiarities of the locality which allows them to avoid traffic and parking problems.

MakingMove.com provides you the technology platform that has put in a great amount of research for aggregating Packers and Movers and Car Transport Services in India that go through a stringent verification process for featuring in its list. With substantial aggregating experience behind us, intricate relocation expertise and comprehensive know-how for across the street, across the state and across the country, we recognize what it takes to strategize and execute a flawless move.

Our Services include:

* National, With-in state, Local and International moving services
* Comprehensive packing and unpacking services
* Extensive and careful packing of fragile items such as glass and antiques
* Loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings
* Car and bike moving services

We have carefully built a proficient team of highly skilled individualy, who grab every chance to offer professional service by giving appropriate suggestions towards a safe and secure move. Our team is trained to give you an effective advice to help you choose an experienced moving company that cooperates with you throughout the moving process and moreover lowers down any kind of risk to your valuables.

Should you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact our customer service team at 1800 3010 1595.

Online itemized survey Accuracy

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A lot of our new users become apprehensive once they find out that the survey for moving their household goods is done online on MakingMove.com. And with a fairly valid reason at that – The Accuracy.

Being One-of-its-kind Website offering a unique Online survey tool for shipping your household goods with a committed accuracy of 95%, it still remains doubtful since we are so used to the conventional methods of having our stuff physically surveyed for obtaining the quotes, little knowing the fact that the physical survey is often a half-hearted approach by the moving company representative. The human error creeps in due to weariness whenever a person is required to perform a repetitive task. This often leads to a wrong interpretation of the final quote and according to our research report, people always end up paying over and above the quoted final price for their move citing various unfounded reasons from weight to volume to some unscrupulous road taxes.

In this era of exceptionally superior technology, when specialist doctors are able to diagnose their patients over Videoconferencing, measuring articles online according to their cubic feet length is a far more easier task as most of the items come in standard measurement. The results of the online survey of your household stuff are ready to be analysed anytime with the unique SAVE option in our online tool which allows you to visit your saved data at any given time before you proceed with that all important moving order.

So what does this tool do?

Flexible Look and Feel: A survey that proves adherence only to the manual methods of a moving company rather than your actual goods to be measured, can be off-putting to the components and decrease the chances of providing accurate quotes. A tool that allows you to update the measurement of each of your articles by various colors and graphics can genuinely help you generate the accurate volume.

Methodical: The specific order of a set of household goods can often reflect in a robust data of your survey. Features that automatically randomize the order of you survey post submission will help contain the accuracy.

Website Integration: While manual surveys create their own physical paper file, the life of which remains doubtful, our online tool lets you save your data and embed them into MakingMove.com. This can be particularly useful for a quick call-to-mind for your future moves where you may just need to alter your survey according to your current holding.

More Honest: Majority of the users provide correct and more detailed information in an online survey. Because the participants feel safe in the anonymous environment of the Internet, they open up and give a more accurate response leading to accurate generation of quotes.

More Selective: With the online moving survey, you can pre-screen multiple quotes by way of volume generated through our online tool. This way of working allows you to compare quotes, select the best Packers and Movers and Car Transport service and save precious time and money.

With a little care, you can choose a moving package that is the right fit. Start by thinking about your needs. You may select a moving company based on economical pricing or its reputation or maybe a reference. Whichever type of package makes sense for you, our tool ensures you avail the maximum benefit.

Moving House in Rains

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Checking out the weather forecast for your upcoming move during monsoons is ideal since the Metservice provides almost accurate information on rain levels whether moderate or torrential. You are also able to check out on the weather 10 days in advance.

However, whether it is raining or sunny, ensure that you have used quality carton boxes since poor quality boxes can crush under the weight of other
boxes stacked on top or crumple with the drops of rain water.

The choice of truck is paramount in this case. Trucks come in various typesand sizes. Open truck and the closed body container truck. Open trucks usually cover the goods with the tarpaulin sheets to protect them from water and dust. While such truck owners may try to convince you for foolproof protection, water normally seeps inside through the gaps and uneven openings. The closed body container truck is the ideal choice for your move during monsoons. Although a tad expensive, they offer optimum protection for your prized household stuff.

Protect your belongings by sealing all boxes with reinforced tape. Simply folding the top flaps of the boxes is just not enough to guard against rain water. The best option would be to hire movers who maintain standards by inventing in durable plastic boxes. These are rigid and water resistant which help you to keep your belongings secure and dry. The two most vulnerable items when moving in rains are electrical appliances and wooden furniture. The smallest amount of moisture may render most electrical appliances useless and distort expensive pieces of wooden furniture. Use quality foam and bubble sheets to wrap the fragile items in your inventory. Say no to cheap plastic sheeting. You may also consider using old carpets, blankets and towels to provide that extra protection to prevent water from seepage in case of heavy rains.

During a move in the monsoons, chances of something being dropped or crashed is very high and as mentioned above, damage by water seepage is highly possible. Like all insurance covers, for your goods in transit during rains it is essential you get a policy that suits your precise circumstances. You should look for a quote that is tailored to your current requirement. It can be expensive but putting a good package together could save you a fortune in the long run.

Schedules can be delayed due to heavy rains. It is always better for the truck to be stranded or move slow to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Moving house in the rains does not have to be a nightmare as long as you prepare for well for a smooth experience. Experienced Packers and Movers and Car Transportation Services will know exactly what is required and should help you at every step. If you are looking to move in the near future, make sure you visit MakingMove.com to find the best Moving companies in your city.

Introducing “You Pack, We Move” – Save Big

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Its not just moving, its an experience with us. Adding unparalleled value by the day.

MakingMove.com offers the convenience of full and part moving service providing full value to your truck hire. We pack, we move or You pack, we move. We can help for whatever you are shipping. While we recommend partial moving service for moves within city, we can also provide moving trucks for your long distance move for anything from a few carton boxes to your full home. Our part moving truck service for moves within the city is simple and inexpensive when compared to full service moves that includes packing by the moving company.

While many customers opt for a full service move that includes packing and moving, the price at which they require full service often takes them to multiple vendors for quote comparison, consequently wasting a lot of time, we call “Dead time”.

We at MakingMove.com not only have managed to bring that “Dead time” down substantially by offering multiple full service quotes from reputed moving companies, we are also proud to have introduced the part moving service where you are required to pack your household stuff yourself and we provide the moving trucks of all sizes with loading and unloading service at the best cost available.

If you have a price from the competitor or a truck owner that is ready to provide the same service at a lesser cost, we are generally able to match or beat it. We are very competitively priced in most markets so you won’t have to run around the marketplace in search of a lower quote. Having said that, we cannot price match in every area due to impoverished competition by a few truck owners who would be prepared to offer ridiculous quotes due to their idleness offering poor service.

Start packing your home well in advance of the move in case you are opting for our part moving services. You can simply rely on us when selecting the packing material for your goods. You can buy the best quality packaging material like carton boxes, foam sheets and bubble wraps at the best prices. Use only stable boxes with multiple layers to avoid breakage and damage that results from thin and unstable boxes.

While hiring a full service moving company has many positive aspects that you can enjoy, the “Pack it Yourself” move gives you more freedom. The freedom of choice and the freedom of cost. But how would you judge whether to hire movers for full service or part service. Before you wonder how and when to take a decision, it should rather be as soon as possible since it is never too early to begin a relocation preparation. We advise you to ponder on these points before you arrive at a “Pack it Yourself” decision;

1. How much stuff are you moving?
2. What is the distance of your move?
3. Is your move difficult?
4. Do you have the required skills and material for packing it yourself?
5. How much time will it take to Pack it yourself?
And finally
6. What is the price difference?

If you want to pick a “Pack it Yourself” option, you must be sure you have the required skills to pack everything according to your plan. But definitely, the option of taking a full service move from the reputed Packers and Movers and Car Transport Company can spare a lot of effort and time on your side. In any case, we would be happy to hear from you to provide the best of both options.

Cheap Service Offerings – A Bane Always

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While we draw solace in availing cheaper services than what is offered by leading customer service oriented brands, the output quality is generally inferior beating your expectations by miles. Companies offering cheaper products and services tend to give you an exaggerated picture over what can be the ground reality.

The most conventional and common practice today is “Do it yourself” and this is basically for the perceived notion of full control over transportation process. We have seen a lot of individuals/families follow this concept. They search for the Packers and Movers and book the transport service directly to take control of the entire activity. Over this option, you need to make your own order follow up, need to check with the transporters yourself to receive the information crucial for you and if a problem occurs, you are the one dealing with the unruly transporters for resolution. And your time is most valuable which you cannot save when you work directly with the transporters.

Companies that offer bulk discounts and accept requests for compromise on quality for total fee reduction, may not land you the lowest prices. Your
ignorant attitude towards poor quality could eventually make you pay double the cost for the same service bought. Given the advancement in technology, the best prices often come today from Internet services like MakingMove.com, that will do all the haggling for you.

Choosing the best shipping option is totally determined by your unique circumstance, as for most individuals, cost can’t be the only consideration
but usually it is a primary and determining factor. Different logistics methods like part or full truck load can make a vast difference both in transit time and freight charges. Therefore we always need to determine which method will be the most cost effective one, rather than compromising on quality by choosing a poor service.

So what happens when you work with an aggregation service like MakingMove.com for your transportation needs which has verified the transport companies for your convenience? As a decision maker, you may already be at a point where the options you need to pick mixed with your goals are desirably authentic. Therefore the more information and experience you gain, the easier these decisions become.We give the right suggestions considering the above two issues and get you rapid answers before any movement.

In an exclusive website presented by us, we first uncovered the irrational gaps deep-rooted in the industry, and then automated the transportation process through advanced technology tools which fill the gaps in your shipment assignment processes and optimize your transportation needs through the most optimum network we built at best rates. The advantage you gain is speed since you receive your answers online almost instantly instead of using telephone of having to walk into the transporter’s office. The flexibility it provides you gives you a distinct advantage to select the transporter of your choice among the list of aggregated operators, while the transporter learns about your moving prospect only upon the confirmation of your online order.

Traditional methods rely on the attentiveness of transporter to enter all details correctly, and naturally human error can creep in whenever a person has to perform a repetitive task, often leading to wrong interpretation of final quote. Given the accuracy of our online tool, there is a smaller margin of error because users themselves feed the information directly into the system, which automatically generates the total volume to be shipped providing you the most honest quote for your specific transportation and thus providing a Win-Win situation to both the User and the Transporter.

Making Move with your Kids

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Relocating for want of professional needs can be exciting, but can also prove to be stressful for you and your kids. Our rich experience on moving families since going live with MakingMove.com, gives us a distinct advantage to offer helpful advice to your family for a pleasurable moving experience.

A child’s home is a world that it takes up with the family together with love and safety, and considering that it no longer exists can be quite frightening. Moving stands out amongst the most upsetting tasks you can ever undertake, it is significantly troublesome for kids in the family as much as it is to adults. When told they are relocating, kids often feel terrified, questionable, coming up with a sense that their world is collapsing.

Each family that moves encounters some loss, sadness and fear, but those feelings can be more terrible when families are compelled to migrate. Actually, in the present economic scenario there are a considerable measures of hostile reasons that cause individuals to pack up, like job transfers and lay offs.

When you don’t want to move, it can bring about considerably more emotional dismay and trauma. For older kids, the fear of leaving friends, teachers and a school they know with well established routine can be equally tough. For both young and older children, there are a few things that you can do to help them change in accordance with the proposed move a bit more smoothly.

Make Them Ready:
When the decision has been made, tell your family early and include them in all decision making. The question that stands out most with the kids when declared is “When did you decide this?” Telling them that they are important individuals to know about the move, will give them some assurance that they matter. In the event that you would appropriately prepare the kids, you may reduce some of their anxiety. A few Pediatricians have given advice on the importance of timing which can have a big impact on how easily the kids adapt. For toddlers and preschoolers, start by placidly breaking the news around a month in advance. That may provide enough time for the kids to handle this information.

Family Meet:
Start by requesting your family to remain at the dining table after dinner, or turn maybe off the TV and hold a meeting in your living room. Just ensure that all family members are present. It is additionally recommended not breaking the news at a favorite family restaurant or other open gatherings as kids should have the capacity to express their emotions freely. Try to make it an impromptu get-together. Sad as they were to witness the meeting, the kid’s jags and tantrums would be a normal response to the unstable shift that has occurred in their lives. Obviously, all kids acknowledge things at their own pace, however most specialists estimate that it takes no less than six months for children to completely adapt to their new life.

Give clarity on Moving decision:
Always remember this during the move when you yourself begin to experience some kind of hysteria, that the most important this is to demonstrate you are certain of the choice you’ve made and must stay firm. Faltering on your moving decision or poor communication with family will cause children to worry and make them significantly more suppressed. Despite the fact that you relate to their worries, it is essential to abstain from setting up a pity party. Your children look to you for signs. So the more well defined you are, the more positive your children would be. Since negativity rubs off on the child, attempt to highlight wonderful things about your new city of move which might make them look forward to it.

Stick to your Routine:
Another approach to facilitate your ease of move is to maintain some of your old routines. Keeping up with some of your routine ceremonies like family dinners or games can build a sense of togetherness that is consoling. For infants and little children, give as much progression as you can by keeping the same bedtime rituals in the same order. Amid your discussions with your kids, ensure you let them know the general points of your move, including where, when, how and why. They’ll in any case inquire in the event that they need to know more. Provide small details and give them an opportunity to absorb the news before you begin feeding them with excess information.

Be Positive:
Be positive, but also reasonable. Try not to make promises you can’t keep and don’t overstate just to create excitement. Be honest and straightforward. Tell your kids the positives that are attached to this move and why it will be better for the whole family. Impress upon the points of interest on this move. As most older children like to be in total control, having zero input on your move decision might create some amount of mental agony in them which might be a strong reason in them to rage at you. Undoubtedly, you can facilitate some of it by discovering things that they can make decisions about while you settle in. For example, they may demand a pet as a consolation for the new town. And you may at best to give in to their demand to let them have a dog, cat or maybe an aquarium. So now when they give people a tour of their new home, their pets or the aquarium would be the first stop.

Set regular family meets:
Its an extremely busy time, well considered. But after your initial family meet, setting regular meeting dates will give your children some standard, knowing they will have other opportunities to talk and make inquiries. As time advances, these gatherings can be utilized to update everyone with the move, to provide more details and eventually assign tasks. This consistent interaction with the family will also encourage open communication, letting your kids know that they are part of this all important move.

Hire a Kids friendly Mover:
Home relocation with family and kids requires skilled personnel who specialize in communicating with children. Ideally, a supervisor from the moving team is trained for such specific requirements, but it would be ideal for Packers and Movers and Car Packers and Movers to train their ground staff for such requirements. Beyond the potential added expense, there are numerous other practical difficulties involved with relocating with children. Because stuff required by children need to be kept at an arm’s length, older vehicles, especially the high-floor variety, often have difficulty accommodating stuff for quick unload. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire with the right moving company who have trained staff and vehicles specific to Kids requirements.

Goods in Transit Insurance Claims – Very important

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Have you ever come across a situation when your insurance claim got unduly delayed and in an instance your patience unravels without notice and you become abrasive with the insurance adviser?

As a consumer you are alone with your thoughts over the damage you incurred which as a result might make you more anxious. Well, your patience can come and go, you are a human and not a machine. Unfortunately,for an insurance claim, one wrong move, either action or language can further delay or maybe trash your insurance claim.

Impatience can certainly ruin your approach towards insurance claims. It can either lead you to making poor decisions to trash your claim or settling for a much lower claim than the actual damage.

So how can you stay more patient to claim your transit insurance after a poor experience of having your household goods moved by the Packers and Movers or have received your vehicle in a damaged condition by the Car Transporters?

1. Awareness: Every insurance claim takes you through a stringent process of survey of your damaged property and document preparation. You are required to preserve the damaged property until the actual claim is disbursed.It may take anywhere between 15 to 60 days for the entire process to complete before you could receive the actual insurance claim amount.

2. Approach: Every insurance claim is proprietary and is not supposed to be out sourced. One is required to be hands-on with the process with a strong need for prompt action for all required documents. There may be multiple contacts servicing your claim which requires you to have all their contact details intact with yourself. This helps you to connect with the right adviser for each delayed step.

3. Past Experience: Although philosophical, this approach towards dealing with unaccounted contacts like insurance advisors comes handy. You may want to just flash back the situation of your past experience with insurance advisers and alter your approach for your present claims benefit.

Claim settlement is one of the most important services that an insurance company can provide to its customers. Insurance companies have an obligation to settle claims promptly. You will need to fill a claim form and contact the adviser from whom you bought your transit insurance policy. Submit all the relevant documents along with the proof of damage to support your claim. Most claims are settled by issuing a cheque within 7 days of receiving all the documents along with the proof of damage.

Since patience is the Key for every insurance claim, MakingMove.com has further defined it as “Strategic patience”. At first, many of the consumers resist being subjected to such stringent process for claims. But after going through the process on our advise, consumers have repeatedly told us that they were astonished by the end result of having received the right claims disbursal.

How to Choose the right Moving Company

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Packers and Movers and Car Transport Services who simply quote going by the size of your house 1BHK, 2BHK and so on are a definite Red Flag. Check for their websites to ensure they have a physical address in your city. Having no address or just a street name and phone number could be an indicator the business is not legitimate.

Look for a valid registration number issued by the competent authority and a valid Service Tax registration. All moving companies should have an active operating authority with an adequate infrastructure.

Also, check moving companies websites if they are members of prominent organizations like;

ISO 9001 – Quality: ISO 9001 quality accreditation outlines the responsibilities to the employees and build accountability into processes for day-to-day operations.

ISO 27001 – Information Security and Data Protection: Quality accreditation for the privacy of customers and the protection of their personal data.

IAM: International Association of Movers -The moving and forwarding industry’s largest global trade association, is a union comprised of auditing, forwarding, moving, and shipping companies located in over 160 countries.

FIDI: FIDI is Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (International Federation of International Movers). Established in 1950, headquartered in Brussels, FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies.

When companies are members of these organizations, it is always an indicator they are committed to providing quality customer care. Rogue moving companies and other fly-by-night carriers pose a real threat and unfortunately the rise in internet has made is much easier for such scams to thrive.

In India, moving business is mostly seasonal since most moves happen during March to August when all major organizations promote and officially transfer their employees. It is during this period that these rogue fly-by-night operators set up their Single Desk shop, often multiple operators working under a single shutter roof. They typically advertise on Online media and trap the gullible.

However, all moving companies may not be registered with these organizations which again may not mean they are fraud. So how would you identify such movers? You can trust MakingMove.com , a proud pioneer of Online Logistics solutions for Business to Customer aggregating trusted moving companies in India adequately certified by the competent local authorities.

1. The start: Word of mouth can be a great asset in selecting the right moving company. You may ask your friends and your housing societies if they have had positive experiences with any of the moving companies. Or simply go to MakingMove.com to find your trusted mover.

2. Obtaining Quotes: Conventionally, a representative will want to visit your home for a survey to provide you an estimate cost of move. Ensure you get at least 5 such visits to gather enough confidence on the estimated cost.

Beware of quotes given over the phone. The way you describe your articles and the way a moving company may perceive may differ, leading to substantial changes on rates. Since there are no fixed rack rates, the quotes unfortunately are provided in weight assumptions, which may increase according to the whims and fancies of the moving companies once you would have made the initial payment.

3. Importance of Timing: Make your moving arrangements well in advance. Ideally a month before the actual moving date. March to July is known as the “Peak Season” since this is when the most of the official transfers happen and the new academic year begins. Your advance arrangements with a moving company become all the more important should your move fall during this period. And unfortunately most of the customers fall victim to the rogue movers during this time of the year.

4. Evaluating multiple movers’ quotes: Give a thought to the commitment levels of the surveyor. Try to get their confidence that he will be there to help you through your planning, and proper packing and loading. You can also identify their commitment levels when they present to you with their comprehensive brochure. Moving companies that ask for advance payment during the quotation leave a bitter experience at your door and are a strict negative.

5. About MakingMove.com : Present One-of-its-kind website in India offering live, transparent quotes for your House shifting, Car and Bike transportation. With its unique online survey of household inventory , gone are the days when an unfriendly surveyor from the Moving company walks in for the messy surveying affair. Never seen before pricing. We have created a benchmark in transparency for your moving expenditure through our unique pricing algorithm.

We provide simultaneous listing of multiple quotes to give you a wide choice, thereby bringing down the decision making time to 10 minutes from the typical 10 days time frame. Economy, Savings and Reliability have been the 3 guiding principles of our pricing algorithm. Partners with some of the best moving companies in India and allow you to research prominent moving companies before you hire.